Recruiting the session chairs

Let’s talk something about new this year!

Alongside with the current format of receiving the submissions from authors, the ACBES 2022 decided to open the new format, which was learnt from the Western Economic Association International (WEAI). Accordingly, we would like to recruit the session chairs to manage the special sessions.

Starting new this year, paper presenters in organized sessions will be able to submit and maintain control over their own paper information in the conference system.

Session chair responsibility

  • Maintain liaison between your participants and ACBES.
  • Ensure that your session participants are well prepared and registered for the conference.
  • Register and choose the themes of sessions that you want to manage.
  • Recruit and advertise the call for papers for the ACBES Conference.
  • Make sure your session participants upload completed papers by July 20.
  • Attend and operate the sessions as the chairperson during the conference time.

Typical Session Format

The session time allocation is one and a half hour. A typical session includes a chairperson, three to four papers, and discussants (paper presenters may serve as discussants on each other’s papers). Organizers decide if discussants are assigned to specific papers or if comments will be part of the general group discussion. Other formats, such as panels or roundtables, may also be used.

Session chair benefits

  • Free-of-charge of the conference fee.
  • Offering the fast-tracking of paper submissions to regular issue at JABES and special issues backed to the conference.
  • Having the decision from UEH appointing as the session chairs as the academic contribution.

Information Needed

  1. Session title.
  2. In-person versus fully virtual.
  3. One JEL topic area code.
  4. Professional CV
  5. Cover letter to explain why you want to be appointed as the session chair.


Please submit your session details early. Submit revised information with revisions clearly marked. All session communication is done via email to