Special offers:

Our partner: Victory Hotel – 3 star hotel (http://www.victoryhotel.com.vn/) would offer 20% discount for Participants of ACBES 2019. This hotel is 5 minutes from the conference venue by walking.

Please send email to booking@victoryhotel.com.vn for booking.

In your email, please indicate that you book room for “The 2nd Asia Conference on Business and Economic Studies (ACBES 2019) at University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (Hội Thảo quốc tế về Kinh tế và Kinh doanh Châu Á – ACBES 2019 – Trường Đại học Kinh tế Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh) in Sep/2019” and request for 20% discount.

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