Guideline for Contributors

  • An abstract without a draft paper may be considered (although priority will be given to submissions with a draft paper).
  • Please prepare two separate files: Title page and Full manuscript
  • In title page: include on the first page of your submission the following information:
    • Title
    • Authors’ names, affiliations, and contact information including e-mail address for all authors.
    • You must add all co-authors and make sure for the order of all co-authors when generating your submissions.
    • Abstract and keywords
    • Please be noted that Abstract is a must-have with maximum 250 words
    • We only accept English and Vietnamese without accents (for only author name on the Title Page)
    • If you consider submitting for our Special Issue after ACBES 2022, a full manuscript is mandatory to be submitted at ACBES 2022
  • Title and author detail of submitted abstracts and/or draft papers will be posted on the Conference website and will be circulated on
  • Submissions should be sent in MS Word format or PDF format.
  • For more detail, please see at: Guide for Authors and Guide for System
  • Each author can only submit 2 manuscripts at maximum.
  • All submissions are made through the submitting system of Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies (JABES) at
  • In order making a submission, please click on Submission. The link will bring you to the submission page on JABES, you are asked to create an account to submit a paper (if you already have one, please log in and make submission).
  • See here for the guidelines to use JABES’ system in submissions

ACBES 2022's Special Doctoral Session

Hosted by Prof. Gabriel S. Lee (University of Regensburg, Germany, Co-Editors of JABES)

ACBES 2022 will provide a session for Ph.D. students to discuss their Ph.D. studies and receive feedback from others and Prof. Gabriel S. Lee 

The workshop will be embedded into the conference as a session where the students can present full papers (15 minutes presentations plus 5 minutes discussion).

Prof. Gabriel S. Lee will host this Special Doctoral session and give advice, publication potential, and targeted journals

Papers submitted for ACBES 2022’s Special Doctoral Session should take a note in Title Page that “A submission to ACBES 2022’s Special Doctoral Session”

Other policies for Doctoral Session submission will be the same as others. 

Important Note

  • Please create your account on our online Submission system via this link, then login and submit your manuscript as instructed.

  • The ACBES 2022 is projected to organised on August 29 – August 31, 2022. You may please make submission as above instruction and choose the “ARTICLE TYPE” as “ACBES 2022” during the submission process.

    ACBES 2022 is going to be organised under Hybrid Form (both online and offline)


    The organizer of Asia Conference on Business and Economic Studies encourages authors to use the dual submission option for early drafts of their work. It means that authors freely submit their work in any journal or other conferences without any previous prejudice from Asia Conference on Business and Economic Studies. Having a paper rejected while under the dual review procedure in the Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies or other journals is not considered a prevention to submit to ACBES conference. Therefore, the working papers, under-reviewed manuscripts, and published articles are allowed to submit to ACBES without any restrictions.

  • However, we only consider the working papers, not submitted to elsewhere for the special issue and regular issue publication. The under-reviewed manuscripts and published articles shall not be submitted to JABES regular issue and other special issue journals from conference. Concomitantly, the best paper award can be considered for all types of submissions.

  • Should you have any question during the review period, please contact us: